Barefoot and Company, Inc. Expands Retail Sales Capability and Service for Sustainability

Charlotte, NC - (February 1, 2010) – Barefoot and Company, Inc., a local building supply company established in 1971, is using its expertise to further expand its retail market share. The decision to expand the focus on retail clients revisits a familiar strategy that helped the small company sustain itself through similar economic difficulties just decades ago.

Incorporated in 1971, the company was growing until the energy crisis in the mid to late 70’s.  At that time people were concerned because gasoline prices surpassed $1.00 which was considered a huge increase at that time. The price of heating oil was affected.  Everyone was cutting back on spending and new home construction slowed. People were looking for ways to save money.  Bob Barefoot noted that of all the houses in the Charlotte area, few had storm windows and doors. Many of the windows were not energy-efficient which was costly.  Mr. Barefoot reorganized the company to help people take advantage of the new more efficient storm doors and windows.  His company grew even in the face of rough times. 

Over the last several years Barefoot and Company maintained a retail division; however it was the new home market that experienced all the growth with most of their business coming from builders and developers.  Barefoot and Company was very successful and continued to add product lines and gain expertise in serving the new home market.  They became a single source, turn key supplier and installer of shower doors, mirrors and glass, closet systems, windows and screens, exterior doors, bath accessories, door hardware and locks and blinds, shades and shutters for homeowners, remodelers and builders. 

Today the economy is struggling again, much like it was in the late 70’s.  David Barefoot, President of Barefoot and Company, Inc. sees that people want to stay in their homes and make them more energy efficient.  Barefoot and Company is adapting with the times and is increasing their focus on the retail client again.  They are enlarging their showroom at their offices in Matthews / Indian Trail and using the expertise they gained with the builders and developers in order to reach and assist the individual customer. 

“We are a third generation company and we have seen it all. Businesses go through various cycles.  Like everyone else, we have been negatively impacted by the economy and the mortgage crisis.  In order to be a viable business you have to be able to adjust to changes and implement new strategies,” said Barefoot and Company, Inc. President, David Barefoot.

There are many reasons why Barefoot and Company believes it can be successful in the retail market against some of the larger box stores.  Barefoot and Company offers free estimates, in-home consultation and complete installations.  The company is now a third generation family-run business that cares about the community and people they serve.  They have their name on the door and take that seriously.  Great products, great service and great people--that is how they believe they can grow in this economic environment and against the other competition in the Greater Charlotte market place.

The company’s executive leadership team believes history will repeat itself, allowing for a favorable outcome.

“The last few years have been challenging to say the least but we are resilient. We are excited about our renewed focus on the retail market. Our ability to manage through the difficult times while being committed to our core values is the reason for our 38 year existence,” said Lynn Najaka, Vice President of Barefoot and Company Inc.

The design center expansion will be completed in February 2010.

About Barefoot and Company, Inc.

Barefoot and Company, Inc. is Charlotte's leading supplier and installer of specialty products to the building industry. They are a single source turn key supplier of shower doors, mirrors & specialty glass, closet systems, windows & screens, exterior doors, bath accessories, door hardware & locks and blinds, shades and shutters. Since1971, the NHQ certified company remains committed to quality products, processes and people. For more information, visit

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