Barefoot and Company, Inc. Establishes Bob Barefoot Foundation

Charlotte, NC - (January 6, 2010) – Barefoot and Company, Inc., a local building supply company, is establishing the Bob Barefoot Foundation, in honor of the late Bob Barefoot whose original purchase of a window screen company in 1971 resulted in the company known today for its quality people, products and processes.

The family owned operation hopes to pay tribute to a man whose legacy was framed around honesty, integrity, accountability and compassion for helping those in need. By establishing the foundation the company’s leadership will continue to provide a means to generously give back to the community by assisting individuals and families in dire need of financial assistance.

“My father was best known for his generosity. Whether going out of his way to aid an employee or someone in the local community he did not hesitate to lend a helping hand to anyone facing a difficult situation. It was just the type of man he was and the type of commitment we want to continue with the establishment of the Bob Barefoot Foundation,” stated David Barefoot, President of Barefoot and Company, Inc.

Like any good company, Barefoot and Company, Inc. has seen its share of difficult times and challenges but has surmounted the obstacles. Even in the lean years, Bob Barefoot never turned away a worthy cause, individual or family in true need.

The company has participated in numerous charitable activities and made considerable contributions to various organizations in the past; however, with the formation of the Bob Barefoot Foundation the leadership team will have a formal process by which to review and approve requests making it the first official endowment fund.

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