Pairing Beauty with Efficiency in Your Home

The recent aim of home construction is to build homes as eco friendly as possible so that our neighborhoods can continue to benefit the community long after building has ceased. If you own a house that was built several years ago, before the green movement became trendy, your place of residence may be lacking energy efficiency. One house style that became popular a few years back and is still prevalent in local communities is the high ceilings paired with large windows for an open, spacious feel. While these homes are beautiful and provide natural light, they also let in heat, by means of the many windows, throughout the summer months.

Before you start searching for a new home to escape increased air or heating expenses there are options to consider that will improve the efficiency of your current home. There are a plethora of windows in many housing layouts; therefore, the quality of those windows is very important. Many types of windows allow the transfer of heat both in and out of a house, causing an inconsistency in the temperature of the home. If you choose the right window you will eliminate heating and cooling issues along with the high costs associated with such problems.

Since every house is different there are a variety of windows that meet each specific need. Barefoot and Company offers several different lines of windows and if you are not sure which will best fit your home, we can speak with you and determine which windows will work best. There is hope for those of you who wish to improve your home's efficiency without having to build a new "green" home. Take the first step today; call our Windows Area Manager to schedule a consultation at 704.821.7688.