Closet Transformation

As we move into warmer weather it is time once again to begin spring cleaning. As you clean your cabinets and carpets the cleaning eventually winds up at the dreaded messy closet and the overstuffed garage. What seems like two of the most overlooked spaces in your home are actually two of the most important elements of a happy and organized home. 

Sometimes it becomes clear that a simple cleaning isn’t enough to bring the garage and closet back to life as useful and functional rooms in your home. The answer may not be to have a yard sale or donate some of your favorite clothes to the local charity. There is a simpler solution! The folks at Barefoot and Company are masters at reinventing those forgotten cluttered spaces into organized works of art.

A closet or garage optimization will benefit any homeowner throughout the years not just during the spring. Adding both functionality and aesthetic appeal, Barefoot and Company can help to maximize your space and make spring cleaning a thing of the past! 

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