Case Studies

Patio Door Replacement #2

The McCollams

The Situation: Patio Door Replacement

Matthew and Sharon McCollam knew it was time to replace their old patio door.  After six years the door had lost most of its visual appeal.   The door also had a bad seal contributing to energy loss which was also a major deciding factor in replacing the door.  With all the years of use both the seal and weather stripping had worn down allowing air leakage to occur and increase as the door aged.  Another nagging issue was the ease with which the door could be opened and closed.  It had become very difficult to maneuver the old door which allowed more cool air to escape when going in and out.

Once the McCollams decided to purchase a new door, Matthew and Sharon did not have to look far for a reputable company to install their new glass patio door.  The McCollams were referred to Barefoot & Company by a familiar face, Doug  Konetchy with Equity Builders.  Doug had worked with the McCollams in the past and also works with Barefoot & Company on a regular basis so referring his client to them was the natural choice.

Barefoot & Company provided the McCollams with a perfect solution to their problem, a new LoE3 Silverline glass sliding patio door.  The highly efficient glass reflects even more heat resulting in increased comfort and energy savings year round which is exactly what the McCollams were looking for.  In addition to the energy savings their beautiful new door allows more light into their home and the attractive design added a new dimension of style and elegance to their home both inside and out.  

“They did a really good job and we were thoroughly happy with the job Barefoot & Company did”, says Matthew McCollam.  “We would certainly call them again for anything.” 

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Closet Remodel

Louise Moore

The Situation: Closet Remodel

Louise Moore was ready to finish her remodel and that meant tackling the master closet. After working with Derek Manning on plantation blinds and shutters Louise asked if Barefoot & Company also worked on closets. Since she knew several colleagues who had used Barefoot & Company and had positive experiences she was very excited when Derek introduced her to Laura Barefoot.

Because Louise was planning a remodel, the closet shelving and contents had to be configured around the set size of the closet as well as an existing window in the back wall.

The Moore’s knew they faced some challenges with this project, mainly solving the configuration obstacles that would fit their budget. Laura quickly overcame those obstacles and was able to re-work a few things that would give the Moores the most storage possible without looking like they had cut corners-which they had not.

The Outcome: Success

The Moore’s are extremely pleased with the final design and colors of their closet which blend perfectly with the colors and trim of the rest of the remodel. From both a design and functionality stand point, the Moores are very happy with their new closet. Louise feels that it is attractive and also adds value to the master suite.

“Customer service was terrific. I love a company that does what they say they will do. That is so important, especially for referral business. When you refer someone, your name is at risk too. I am happy to say that I can confidently recommend Barefoot & Company and know they will do a great job.“

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Replacement Windows #2

Mr. Kovac

The Situation: Replacement Windows

Jimmy Kovac knew it was time to get rid of his old windows and was eager to find a company that specialized in replacements. While shifting through his mail one day, he he discovered a copy of, a free publication that identifies top performing home service companies by specialty. While leafing through the pages of the report, the name of one company in particular nabbed his attention. He recalled purchasing a few items from the company in the past and was moderately aware of their longevity. After reading the impressive approval ratings, positive feedback from various homeowners and learning they specialized in window replacement, Mr. Kovac placed a call to Barefoot & Company for consultation.


In all Mr. Kovac needed 12 replacement windows. While aesthetics was important, his main concern was energy efficiency. After much discussion with the Barefoot & Co. window experts he selected Silverline 8500 Series Replacement windows, a popular brand with a reputation for strong, durable, beautiful, low-maintenance windows. However, for Mr. Kovac the brand's energy efficiency claim was the metaphorical "icing on the cake."

The Outcome: Success

When paying for a service you should get what you pay for, therefore Mr. Kovac anticipated a good outcome. While the replacement window project was a success, Mr. Kovac was impressed by the better-than-expected experience. Marveling at the speed and efficiency of the workmanship-just two days-Mr. Kovac was extremely satisfied with the results. When asked to share his opinion on what impressed him the most, he did not hesitate to pinpoint the professionalism of the Barefoot & Co. representatives, "I was amazed by their professionalism. They delivered on a great product and there were no issues. I'd rate them a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 and would definitely use their services again if needed. They do great work."

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Replacement Windows #1

The Klinks


The Situation: Replacement Windows

Bruce & Cheryl Klink discovered Barefoot & Company while internet surfing on the Andersen web site in search of replacement windows. Confronted with the nagging issues of not being able to open and shut their windows properly and unwelcome drafts, the Klinks needed an immediate solution to their problems in terms of functionality and energy efficiency. They were also in the market for something that was aesthetically pleasing. Persuaded by the convenience of the company’s proximity to their home, the company’s professionalism and attractive product offerings the Klinks committed to Barefoot and Company.


Initially, the Klinks desired replacement windows but were then met with uncertainty of whether a full replacement was actually needed. Wavering between full replacements and inserts, the Klinks came to a decision to have inserts installed after numerous consultations with expert window representatives.

Outcome: Success

The experience exceeded the Klinks’ expectations. They were particularly pleased with the quality of the product but were most impressed by the quality of service Barefoot & Company provided. During the process installers and window representatives came out to consult and ensure correct measurements on numerous occasions for 24 windows and two French doors. Additionally, an inspection visit by the owner himself impressed the couple even more. Says Bruce, “On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate Barefoot & Company a 10. While, it wasn’t a huge job I was blown away by the level of service they provided. From start to finish they stayed on top of things. They provided a great product but the services were even better.”

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Shower Doors and Door Hardware

The Cherrys

The Situation: Shower Doors and Door Hardware

John and Ann Marie Cherry were quite fond of their established, Wieland home but were in the market for a change. Tired of the outdated look of their four bathroom showers and brass door knobs, the Cherry’s began their research in hopes of finding a company that could meet their needs. It was through a casual conversation with a co-worker that John first heard about Barefoot and Company. Intrigued by the enthused recommendation, he was eager to learn more. By the end of the conversation, John was sold. Impressed with his colleague’s high remarks, he talked it over with Ann Marie and together they turned to Barefoot & Company for consultation.

The project began with the installation of the shower doors for the master bath. The master bath had an existing shower door that they felt needed replacing. For the master bath, the couple selected ¼” Semi Frameless with Header Strike shower door to replace the existing standard door. For the other bathrooms, the Cherry’s had new Tub By-Pass shower doors installed to replace the existing shower curtains-a look that the Cherry’s were eager to see changed. The next phase of the project included the replacement of over 25 door knobs and with Schlage Accent lever door hardware.


The Cherry’s knew exactly what they wanted: shower doors for four bathrooms including the master bath and new door hardware for their entire three-story house. The process of selecting the type of shower doors came with ease but they encountered a slight problem when settling on a color for new door hardware. Ann Marie wanted something in line with her good taste-for she felt the current brass knobs dated her home. Barefoot & Company was able to come up with a recommendation for a true aged-bronze finish that they desired. However, the new hardware did not match the existing handrail brackets—which would have been difficult to replace. Rather, than circumvent the slight hurdle Barefoot & Company went above and beyond the call of duty by taking the time to paint the handrail brackets to match the new door hardware.

The Outcome: Success

From inception to completion the Cherry’s were impressed by the professionalism, timeliness and quality of the products and services provided by Barefoot and Company. They were pleased with their new shower doors and door hardware. When asked about her reaction to Barefoot and Company’s work, Mrs. Cherry was greatly pleased, “Barefoot & Company did an excellent job! The new door hardware and shower doors made a huge difference to the house, creating a Southern elegance that I absolutely love.” And as far as the issue with the color mismatch of the new door hardware and existing handrail brackets she remarked, “I was really impressed by Barefoot and Company’s outstanding customer service. They eliminated any worry and additional costs I would have incurred with getting new handrail brackets. They did a terrific job. ”

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Patio Door Replacement #1

Laura Barefoot

The Situation: Patio Door Replacement

Laura Barefoot felt it was time to replace her patio door. Fortunately, an exhaustive search to find a reputable company to complete the project was never a concern. In fact, the owner of the beautiful 1960’s vintage style home knew just who to call to get the job done and which product would best fulfill her needs: Barefoot & Company and Andersen Windows.

The 20 year-old, three-panel window patio door provided several problems for Laura. The most nagging problem was the lack of insulation; it was extremely difficult to regulate the room temperature during the cold winter months. Just as frustrating was the extra muscle and effort she had to exert just to get the patio door to slide open. Lastly, she was bothered with the way the patio looked--years had robbed the once beautiful door of its appeal exposing wood in places where paint once resided. Besides, after completing a few minor home improvement projects the patio doors were a stark contrast to the new look and feel of her home. 

The Outcome:

Laura wondered if the old frame of the house would be a challenge for the patio door replacement project but she was quite familiar with Andersen quality and efficiency so the question was quickly dispelled. In true fashion, Andersen representatives showed up to the job site lacking nothing. Exact measurements were previously obtained and extra wood brought along just in case. The entire process for Laura was wonderful. She left her house with a large hole in the wall mid-afternoon and by the time she returned later on she was greeted with a finished product: an Andersen 400 series, four panel sliding custom patio door complete with beautiful French solid wood accentuated with a clear pine interior and sand tone exterior finish.

Since installation Laura is reaping the benefits of her new patio door. The high performing glass door includes secondary locks for extra security. She is extremely pleased at how clean the low-maintenance glass stays despite having a pet which is a testament to the product’s superior quality. She is happy to be able to successfully regulate and maintain a comfortable room temperature and is thrilled about the color options that were available to her: the clear pine interior that gives the option to paint or stain and the exterior which perfectly matches the color of her recently installed replacement windows. 

There were no challenges to overcome and the patio door replacement project took just one day. Towards the end of the project it started to rain. However, much to Laura’s satisfaction, the installers stayed until the job was completed. When asked to describe her feelings towards the outcome, she was able to sum her experience up in four words; “I absolutely love it!” expressed Laura Barefoot. 

Complete trust in a product says a lot about a company. So if the name Laura Barefoot sounds familiar, it should. Not only is Laura a customer but she is also an integral member of Barefoot and Company, a company whose emphasis is on quality: quality people, processes and products. It is unfathomable to trust in a company whose employees try to sell you on their products and services and then go elsewhere for those same products and services, so why would you? Fortunately, for Barefoot and Company, that is a question that you do not have to ask.

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