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How to Keep Your Shower Doors Sparkling Clean

Jul 23, 2013 11:03:00 AM Posted by: Laura Barefoot

Does this sound familiar? What once was clean, sparkling clear shower glass is now opaque and dirty with soap scum. You’ve been meaning to clean it, but the only time you think about it is when you’re in the shower or when guests are on their way. But don’t despair! There is a shiny remedy to this cloudy situation. Simply follow the easy to follow steps listed below for a scum-free shine for your glass shower door that works every time.

After Each Shower:

  • Simply rinse your shower down with cold water.
  • Immediately use a clean squeegee to dry the glass.
  • Don’t ever let your shower glass air dry on its own.

Once a Week or As Needed:                                                                              describe the image

  • Using a soft cloth, wash your shower glass with a water and vinegar solution you've mixed ahead of time in a spray bottle.
  • Warning! Don’t use commercial cleaning products as they could harm the porous texture of the glass and could be corrosive to the metal parts of your shower.

The water and vinegar solution also works in areas where hard water causes calcium stains. It’s important to protect your new glass shower door from the very beginning, as soap-scum and calcium build-up is harder to remove if it’s allowed to stay on the glass over time.

Contact us for more information about how to attain sparkling clean shower glass and watch our How to Keep Your Shower Door Clean video. For over 40 years the professionals at Barefoot & Company have been showering bathrooms all over the greater Charlotte area with sparkling new shower glass!


Free Video: How to Keep Your Shower Door Clean


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